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Our Cancer Survivorship Care Plan and Video Consultation Clients:

Benefits from purchasing your nutritionals and botanicals from our speciality store?

1. Responsible dispensing and evidence-based practitioner only products whilst under supervision and Cancer Navigation with us, translates as a value add to your health restoration.

2. Particularly for practitioner only products: We have your history on file along with results of various diagnostic tests and treatments you may have had. Knowing your case means that every effort possible has been made to ensure that the product ordered is a value-add to your health restoration and NOT a deduction that could impact conventional treatments.

3. As a qualified practitioner Grace writes a script which is stored in her files for each patient each time a prescribed product is ordered.
This has always occurred  but when patients have purchased Grace’s prescribed product from another source  she has no record of the product. As well, some patients have brand substituted a poor grade botanical product for a high grade therapeutically active product(with extra additives and possible adulterants).

GGI only recommends therapeutically active pharmaceutical grade products. Products often need to be changed or dose rates altered. As a health professional  this is not at the level of our ethical standards of care.

4. Finally – By purchasing your products via Grace Gawler  you are contributing to the community not for profit component of our work.

We champion a distinct and unique cancer navigation service.

This is a product of Grace Gawler’s eclectic training, longevity and qualifications in the field of Supportive Care Cancer Medicine spanning 43 years.

Based on a personal experience of caring for a cancer patient from 1974 – 1978, Grace co  founded Australia’s first Cancer Support groups in the early 1980s and the first residential support programs for cancer patients. This was the beginning of a long history of developing an all-encompassing supportive care approach for cancer patients.

Grace’s history and life’s work is recorded in her autobiography Grace, Grit and Gratitude.

Today, more than ever, the need for cancer Navigation with experienced practitioners is paramount.
Cancer treatment & cures and fake cancer news is internet, social media and entrepreneur-driven and cancer patients are more vulnerable to misleading claims and pseudo-science than a few decades ago.

By offering a Cancer Navigation Service with referrals to leading cancer experts in combination with Grace Gawler’s 47 years experience across a broad range of supportive care systems  including naturopathic/botanic qualifications, anatomy, physiology, biological sciences, psycho- oncology, counselling and resilience training  our service can represent a One Stop Shop for cancer patients who are traumatised, overwhelmed, stressed and lost in the complex cancer maze.

Grace Gawler Cancer Navigator and Therapeutic Director
Grace Gawler Cancer Survivorship and Wellness Institute
47 years helping patients to safely navigate the complex cancer maze.