A Helping Hand – Simple Tools to Enhance your Recovery


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Over the years there has been a need to simplify the basics for people who are diagnosed with cancer or other life threatening illness. Natural medicine was originally based on simple principles that related to physical, emotional, and environmental influences on a person. In the traditional schools there was small component of therapeutic substances prescribed and lots of wise counsel, listening and sound advice given pertaining to lifestyle.
There has been a substantial change in many natural therapies that has seen more and more therapeutic substances brought into the health marketplace. We have also seen a rise in the numbers of doctors who practise “natural medicine” or integrated medicine within their general practice. From both sides, natural and orthodox, what we have seen is the increase in the approach of “take this and it will make you better” approaches. This is not what this book is about. This is about simple, practical things that you can be empowered to do and to think about, and it is all low cost, as once you have some knowledge and you apply it, you have it for life.