Grace, Grit and Gratitude Memoirs eBook


The uplifting, true and amazing story authored by Grace Gawler; inspirer and co-founder of the original Gawler Foundation

In 1975, Grace had a promising future. A young vet nurse planning to study veterinary medicine, she received a lucrative modelling offer which would have paid for her university fees. Disaster struck when her boyfriend, Ian, lost his leg to bone cancer. With no one else to help, 21-yearold Grace decided to become his full-time carer whole-heartedly believing his cancer was curable.

She directed her passion into his healing, focusing on juicing, massages and pain management whilst researching every cure imaginable. Her efforts paid off and against the odds at the time; he survived.

Soon after marrying, Grace and Ian established the Gawler Foundation, helping thousands of cancer patients to find solutions and strategies to deal with their illness. With a husband in remission, a farm to run and four children to care for Grace developed her own methods for helping women with breast cancer authoring Women of Silence The Emotional healing of Breast Cancer in 1994. The book became an Australian Best Seller and is still seen as the bible for emotional recovery for women with breast cancer. Reprinted and revised it is available in eBook or soft cover.

Disaster struck again in 1997. Ian left the family then Graces own major health crisis began. Soon the healer and supporter for thousands of patients was struggling for her own life following unexpected complications from a routine surgery. For nine years, she battled on with little support, facing death many times, yet she never gave up. She became a world-first for a bionic colon procedure performed in The Netherlands in 2003; an experimental surgery that was successful.

With amazing tenacity, drive and passion she survived and now has her own non-profit Health Promotion Charity based in Queensland that focuses on teaching survival strategies to cancer patients & others with Life Challenging illness. Grace is also a qualified Naturopath and counselor, a public and professional speaker, talk radio host on Voice America and social commentator on cancer & health issues.

Graces story is a riveting read. For those who are battling a life-challenging illness, along with their families and carers, this book is rich with wisdom, inspiration, courage and hope – An Australian Classic

eBook: $14.95 AUD – 416 pages