Restore your Gut Microbiome with LACTIS


Introducing an exciting breakthrough product resulting from a hundred years of research. LACTIS eliminates issues with taking taking live bacteria supplements. LACTIS nourishes your own resident gut bacteria.

LACTIS – 10 potential health benefits

*Improve nutritional value of food and assist absorption of vitamins
*Reduce intestinal inflammation
*Improve overall digestion
*Strengthen gut immunity
*May help control serum cholesterol
*Nourishes your own resident gut bacteria
*Research indicates Lactis can inhibit development of colonic polyps
*Can be taken by lactose intolerant people
*Can help restore gut bacteria be impactful for cancer patients during and after conventional treatments

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LACTIS – suitable for everyone. Whether you are a cancer patient or if you are diagnosed with IBS, Colitis, colon polyps, constipation or if you simply want to improve your health and wellbeing. LACTIS may help you!

LACTIS is the next generation of probiotics with a difference. It contains fermented metabolites of 16 strains of Lactobacillus.

These metabolites, called abiotics, importantly are not live bacteria as found in probiotics. LACTIS is therefore a safer and more effective alternative to probiotics.

A best seller in Japan, LACTIS is made from organically grown soybeans harvested in the Mt Fuji area. No traces of soy after fermentation.

*If you have soy allergies please check with your medical practitioner before using this product.*