Grace Gawler’s Women of Silence Softcover Book


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Working with cancer patients over 4 decades has given me invaluable insights to share with those wanting to boost their chances of survival.

Women of Silence became a best seller for its genre in 1994. The content was updated and reprinted in 2004 and a recent eBook version has been updated 2019.

However because the emotional issues that surround Breast cancer ( & cancer) have changed little, the issues raised in the book are as relevant today as they were in 1994!

“Women of Silence remains the only book written solely about the importance of emotional healing in recovery from breast cancer.

Described as a timeless classic, Women of silence remains a valuable tool in every woman’s breast cancer Recovery Kit. The book also discusses prevention.

There is a section for carers and lists of questions to ask your medical practitioner.

The book is indexed so that it is easy to find relevant topics for a brief read – very important when women are traumatised from the diagnosis alone as well as from treatments.”




Note: we are currently updating our eBooks. We apologise if this delays order times.

UK oncologists & cancer experts full of praise for Breast Cancer Book Women of Silence

This is a book full of thoughtful, practical insights to everyday living with cancer. I would like all my colleagues to read it.
Professor R.R. Hall, Lead Clinician, Northern Cancer network, NHS. Newcastle-on- Tyne UK.

An essential companion for all women, it answers all the questions you often don’t want to ask. Packed with useful exercises to help you regain control of your situation, it will help you begin the healing process during the emotional turmoil surrounding breast cancer.
Professor Karol Sikora, Professor of Cancer Medicine, Imperial College and Hammersmith Hospital, London.

Grace writes with authority and compassion. She provides women with an invitation to regard their adversity as a great opportunity
Professor Neville Davidson, Professor in Clinical Oncology, Broomfield Hospital Essex UK. Chairman HEAL Cancer Charity & Helen Rollason Cancer Care Centre Appeal.

With insight, compassion and a sure touch, Grace gives a voice to the many thousands of women worldwide who for far too long have been suffering in silence.
The late Pat Pilkington MBE Co founder Bristol Cancer Help Centre, UK-now the Penny Brohn Centre.

Pat Pilkington continues – ” So, the Silent Women of Graces book, who so often struggle with breast cancer, bottle up their emotions even though they may not be instinctively passive by nature. Overwhelmed by painful experiences they keep silent; the inner void of unresolved emptiness within them making action well nigh impossible.

This book, which has relevance for all women and should be on every bookshelf, takes the reader step by step through unresolved grief and loss, through half remembered guilt and shame, through weariness and discouragement to a place where emotional healing can be found.

With immense compassion, and insight, Grace tells stories of people who have trodden the Pilgrim Path, finding their way to release, healing and forgiveness.

We hear much about the word empowerment these days and admire self-confident, authentic women who hold their place in society with ease and independence.

Grace leads her Silent Women through a therapeutic programme that gives them access to this sunlit world. Creative imagery, relaxation, meditation, spiritual intention, affirmations and de-stressing, lead to healing and restored boundaries, greater resilience, trust and faith.

Women of Silence is a handbook of health and healing addressing the strong emotional components especially associated with breast cancer; it gives practical advice, help and encouragement to re-connect and restore body, mind, emotions and spirit.”