Strath Tablets x 2 – 1 Month Supply



GGI Patients 2 x tablets daily with or before meals

Adults: 2 × tablets daily with or before meals.

Children: half the dose. Strath Original can supplement the diet naturally all year round. A course treatment over a longer period is also advisable in the event of increased requirement and is safe to take.

It may be combined at any time with other specific vital substance products and food supplements.

Using a unique process, a special variety of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is cultivated on herbs. By the process of fermentation, without the use of heat or chemicals, the yeast cells burst open, releasing their vital elements. To produce the Bio-Strath Tablets, this plasmolysate is then dried and carefully pressed into its final form, the tablet.

Free of preservatives and artificial colouring.

Beneficial during times of convalescence.

Improves mental alertness.

Helps maintain the healthy function of the brain.

Improves brain function such as memory, learning and concentration.

Improves stamina and endurance.

May shorten recovery period after physical exercise.

Relieves symptoms of common cold and flu.



How Bio-Strath works:

Swiss Herbal Tonic-Strath Successfully Impacts Wellbeing Cancer Patients during Chemo and Radiation Therapy.

Taking Strath regularly can increase concentration, improve memory, bone health, boost health after surgery or chemo/radio therapy and improve performance in children with ADD.

Grace Gawler – “More than 38 years ago I was introduced to Strath Tonic. I began prescribing it for radiotherapy patients. Radiotherapists wrote to me asking why my patients were doing so well. Strath is proven to be the tonic beyond tonics.”

The formula makes use of the ability of yeast cells to “digest” extracts of 50 herbs added to them. The essence from these herbs is totally absorb-able in the human body.

Informative Product Podcast – Grace interviews the Strath CEO at their factory in Switzerland